Well OK. I know it’s bigger than I promised and way too big to wrap and I know it won’t fit under the tree but, HERE. This is for YOU. With my Love…and Respect.

Great Xmas songs chosen by Fred Durette and me. And we’ve taken time to pick some really cool, fun and toe tappin’ tunes!

Fred and I will share Xmas stories from back home and Downhomers will tell theirs from around the world! Brenda Best in Nashville shares a warm Xmas memory from her days growing up in Campbellton (and I will share one about her). Marc Lavoie joins us from Hillside, Holly Wright from Dartmouth, and Melody Bryant Krantz a Downhomer living in Sweden! (no donairs there).

Plus since I couldn’t choose between 2 of Brenda Best’s songs-I’ll play both of them.

There’s a tribute to the late, great John Dunsworth.

He’s even on one of the songs we play. You can listen to it anytime you like (and over and over) at downhomecorner.com or on our Facebook Page. (please like us if you haven’t yet because we like you).

I’m excited for you to hear it. So please, please share it so we connect with more Downhomers for Xmas.

Thanks and Merry Xmas,
Steve Bujold

PS: Listen all the way to the end for a surprise visit from the mayor of Campbellton Stephanie Anglehart Paulin!!!

(Damn, I spoiled the surprise)